Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sick Americans, my reasons!

First, I will let you read this story on Yahoo! News. Then I'd ask you to come back here and read my reasons below.
Study Shows Americans Sicker Than English - Yahoo! News
Speculative Reasons why Americans are sicker:
  • Paranoid population. Yes, everyone is paranoid and scared....scared of losing money, scared of getting mugged in the parking lot, scared of terrorist attack, scared of neighbors, scared of pharma companies, scared of employers, scared of spouse, scared of getting attacked....I could go on and on. But one thing is clear, Americans are a scared lot. I don't think that's healthy.

  • Greed. Everyone around me is greedy for more....more money, bigger SUV,...more food on the plate in Applebees, bigger, economy size, more powerful, 100 lbs or 100's count FREE!! Yes, we in America want more and more. That's not healthy. Not healthy when we get more stuff, and not healthy when we don't get more stuff and feel cheated and dissatisfied.

  • Because of the first reason, people are not eating properly. There is too many non-fat food items, and not to forget the whole zero-carb craze that had my friends and family dieting away too! Its not normal, so it can't be healthy. Something somewhere comes around and bites you in your ass!
  • We in America complain and cry a lot. Wah!! Wah!! My neighbor has a super-duper tractor I don't...wah!!! I have not gotten a promotion in 6 months!!....Wah!!!! I don't have a super model girlfriend,....wah!!! My kid didn't make it to the school's soccer team! Wah!! My govt. is not doing enough for me...! Wah!!! All those illegal immigrants are taking away our jobs!!! Wah!!! All our jobs are being outsourced to India...wah!!!!!! wah!!!! Is this healthy!??!? Wah!!! This can't be healthy!! Why can't my doctor charge me less!!! Wah!!
  • Social fabric is as thin as a single-ply cheap toilet paper....maybe, I am not being clear,...(WARNING!! Serious opinionated statement coming up here)....people don't care about others. We don't know our neighbors (related somewhat to the first bullet), we don't know our colleagues families, folks live in very nuclear families, mothers charge sons rent to stay in their homes, senior citizens lead a very lonely life...basically, the ills of familial life attirbuted to modern societies. Does this sound like its a spiritually healthy way to live like this? I am not so sure.
I will keep adding to this list. Drop your comments in the comments section below. Lets see what else you can come up with.
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Zeya said...


You just got me started on the series I always wanted to do on What, Why and How of US. Started here.
I so agree with the Paranoia factor. Best example is insurance.

Sumit Awasthi said...

Lets join forces and maintain this list. What do you think?
It will be a master list!

Zeya said...

I am in.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, media tops the list as the root of all paranoia in America. Lets scare and confuse the shit out of them. "Milk is good", "Pork is the white meat", "Reduce milk consumption", "Choclate is good", Choclate is bad, "Guns kill', "We have the right to protect ourselves", "Viagra helps", "illegal prescriptions", "Department of social work does not have enough money", "Our kids are going crazy, "how do we take care of senior citizens", "Our health system is crap", "We got the best medical care but..", "Silicon implants turn ugly", "Bigger breasts..", "emaciated teens"....

Somebody please!...Below are todays health headlines..
1."Melatonin May Improve Slumber"
2."Ambien eyed in traffic cases"
3."Sweetener–no cancer link"
4."Sun creams leave users exposed to skin cancer"

Am I safe, Am I fat, Am I scared, Am I rich, Am I ... Am I...

Anonymous said...

And can somebody please tell me how many blades gives me the closest shave...