Thursday, July 10, 2008

drive pricing: I am spending money to get to work!!!

drive pricing
I am spending way too much money to get to work. This website calculates based on your driving distance, the zip-code where you fill gas, and your car's fuel efficiency to do the simple math we never bother to do. Which is why I didn't know I spend almost $16/day getting to+from work. That's almost $350 a month. This I will factor in for sure the next time I ask for a raise.

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Gone with wind said...

It's the 3rd day I am introduced to the swash world. Each day, I start with visiting the art pieces with soul, read a few blog, and drift onto swash 2.0. I like the Zen habit, India vs. China links. Now I have expectations: this is a place to peak into swash, and the unspoken words in pbs.