Monday, October 08, 2007

Mint a.k.a. Find out why you are a financial idiot.

Those of you who have been following Techcrunch will probably already know this....Mint is the hottest personal finance management website. I feel less privileged now that the website is letting new users sign-up (I got a Beta invite a few weeks back). But anyways, here is what I found it can do for you. Mint pulls in all the bank statements, credit card statements etc...and shows you a consolidated view of all your money/debts/expenses etc. It shows you graphs of categories of expenses...for e.g., a bar graph of how much money you have spent on entertainment vs. groceries in the past few months. The best part is you don't have to spend any time syncing accounts, or manually pulling in data from different accounts. Once you've set it up you know its going to sync up every night. I noticed a few days ago, it also sends out a reminder for paying your bills if you have online bill payments set up. Sweet! Now the bad part...its now easy to see how idiotic you can be with your spending, in a graphical format.
Mint | Refreshing Money Management


ivahhc said...

yaar, i already know I'm an idiot spender. Do I really want to stare the facts in the face? hmm, I guess at some point I WILL need a reality check so bring it on. Invite me?

Sumit Awasthi said...

Hi Chhavi,
You don't need invitations now. New signups are open on
I am not sure however, if its set up for India, or if it will let you add individual accounts.
Also, take a look at if that might suit you better for similar money management.
We are all financial idiots, btw!

Zeya said...

Mint is interesting. I had been using ING accounts gateway, which came through my ex-employer. They both use Yodlee as their backend consolidator.
I liked Mint much. Considering my state of habits, I think Mint has a lot more to do.
I wonder when Google will jump into this foray and bundle its Checkout service. That will be one big kick butt. Especially, considering their EMR (Electronic Medical Records) venture don't think this should be far.