Monday, October 08, 2007

No Search for Me

Apple has screwed it's users again. I saw the search feature in Bhai's new iPod Nano, and for whatever reason I was sure Apple released a new firmware update to add the much-needed search feature in all iPods. But, no! I connected my iPod to the computer hoping to get a new software, only to find my iPod was already updated, and didn't have a search feature. First I thought I was doing something wrong....but seriously, where would I go wrong doing something as simple as this. But a little searching on the web revealed that Apple has in fact left this feature out for old iPod users. No seriously, why would I want to buy a new iPod just to get a search feature. Do they really think this feature will be enough for people to upgrade their hardware. I think not! I know a few iPhone users who are pissed off they paid more than folks buying it now. Now, with this, I am pissed too!
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