Wednesday, April 12, 2000

"Heaven on Seven", a Cajun food restaurant in Chicago downtown kicks a lot of butt. The hot sauces there are simply cool,...errrr....actually pretty hot. They must have a gazillion varieties of sauces, and some of them have names you wont believe. Like there was the hottest sauce in the restaurant called "Hot As A Mutha".....took me a little time figuring what the "Mutha" meant, and being the desi I am thought it was pronounced "mootha"....but now I know what it is. Well, anyway, the sauce was really the easiest way to shit blood in Chicago, although I have tried the "Endorphin Rush" before (Another hot sauce thats commercially available with a statutory warning on the label). The waiter had me sign an agreement and a disclaimer before I got to taste the "Hot As A Mutha". Which of course adds to the WOW factor of the whole experience. There was a series of another hot sauce called "Ass in Space", "Ass in Antartica" and "Ass in a Tub" can imagine what the freakin labels on the tiny bottles looked like !!!!

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