Tuesday, April 25, 2000

Was gone for so many days. Anyway came back from Chicago and went to Milwaukee. Something has happened to that city, never knew there were so many beautiful women there.....well, maybe I was just in a limbo.
CAme back to Cleveland, and got this DSL connection done for my home computer. Nothing related to my computer has pissed me off as much as this *&#%ing DSL connection. I thought I was paying big bucks for dedicated broadband access to the Internet with unmatched speeds and all I get is slower than molasses kind 'ev speed. I could hand deliver e-mail to folks in India faster than the connection allows me to.
Tried to make an FTP server out of my computer and sure enough, the FTP software crashes faster than you'd blink your eyes.
Enuff of complainin, will come back with a better mood. BTW, guys check out http://www.backflip.com/ Really cool lets you build your own search engine.

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