Saturday, April 28, 2001

"Do they have cows on the streets in India?"
"Why do women have red dots on their foreheads?"
"And how do people in India watch cricket for days in a row without getting bored?"
These are just some of the questions I still get asked by Americans. And I dont think I do justice to describing India. Marks' travel tales from India are simply the best. I have spent hours on this website, and inspite of being Indian, I don't think I can tell tales from India as well as this guy!
Consider this excerpt from his tale on watching a Bond movie in a theatre in India...

"The cinema in India is an interactive event: people don't sit silently through a film, they jeer and clap and yell and scream. And so with James Bond the clich├ęs elicit a raucous response from the crowd: when Q turns up with his latest gizmos, they go wild; when the stunt at the start of the film ends up in a near-death explosion of mayhem, destruction and a skin-of-the-teeth escape by Bond, they leap about in a frenzy; and when he saves the world from certain catastrophe, they're practically spasmodic with ecstatic relief."

Mark's travels in India and Nepal

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