Friday, October 07, 2005

Google's RSS Aggregator: My ten second review

Okay, finally its here. The RSS Aggregator from Google. After so much market/consumer speculation about why Google has not released a RSS reader, how they missed the RSS boat, they were supporting atom feeds vs. other formats..blah blah..... its here! And this is the first time I wasn't 120% impressed with what I saw.
So here is my review based on the first ten seconds I spent on the Google Reader.

1) Google Reader?! I was expecting a different name. I thought if they can come up with Froogle, thinking of something other than Reader wouldn't have been that challenging.

2) The website seemed to be slow, but that could either be because of my internet connection or the fact that the Google Reader server is swamped with sudden heavy traffic.

3) BIG PROBLEM! I don't see a damn search box to search through the content of my own feeds. Thats a big no no for me. How the heck do I search through daily deals on the internet. (email me if you want my OPML file for daily in whenever a kickass gadget sells for peanuts, I like to find out about it before its too late!)

4) The scrolling for the content on the left is quite unimpressive. Should have been a smoother scroll.

5) I like the keyboard shortcuts just like in Gmail.

6) Who knows these may change....but please give us a Search feature for searching through the contents in our feedlist.

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