Thursday, March 16, 2006

CL2: Hot Date!!

Okay, so the Google fan in me can't wait for this new upcoming Google feature. The CL2....Calendar application tightly integrated with Gmail. This is it. After 100's of calendar applications that have failed to strike an interest (Yes, I still find using MS Outlook synced with Plaxo the most effective), it seems to me the CL2 might be the answer to keep me on my toes on my payments, laundry pickup, and general event planning. Now, if only they could come up with a way to inject an API into my brain so I can fill my calendar just by thinking about things....well, maybe not details like when I take a shower etc....but I just can't seem to remember mundane tasks that fill up my life!
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Indeed this is one step in the right direction but I like the capabilities of MSN calendar. Best part it is integrated with Exchange server so basically if somebody sends an invite MSN handles it as if Outlook would. It has alerts and have been using for a while. Though it is zero-web2.0. Hopefully, they will have something once Windows Live Mail is taken care of.