Friday, July 21, 2006

Mobile Gmail in Firefox Sidebar

After I looked Erica Joy's post where I learned how to put Google Personalized Page in the Firefox Sidebar, I liked it so much I set out to try different things I could load in the Firefox Sidebar. I tried Meebo. It was pretty useful since I could load an IM window in the sidebar, without installing any IM application on my computer. But then I tried Mobile Gmail. I must say that was just awesome and simple to do. It's useful because now I dont have to load a new window to read Gmail, and if I need to read the whole message, it comes in a quick-to-read format on the main page.
You'll know what I am doing once you try it for yourself.
1. Right click on the Bookmarks Toolbar

2. Create New Bookmark

3. Use as the location

4. (Important): Check the "Load this bookmark in the sidebar" checkbox.

5. Now press the newly formed bookmark button and enjoy minimalist look and feel of the Gmail Mobile interface in the sidebar of the Firefox.

Do keep in mind, since its the version of Gmail that loads into WAP browsers, you may not be able to read the whole message in one screen, but there are simple links at the bottom to go to the "Next Page"

Let me know what you think.

Here are some more screenshots.

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Jamie said...

awesome tip, thanks very much!