Monday, December 11, 2006

Gmail Mail Fetcher: Another deathly stab at Hotmail

I don't have it yet, and I am not happy about it. Any new feature on Gmail, and me not having it leads to an unhappy situation. But okay ignoring this feeling for the moment, the future holds email bliss for me and others like me. Google is going to be able to fetch other emails, yay!! I was waiting for it to be able to do that, i.e., get other POP3 mail, but I am really curious to see if it actually gets Hotmail and Yahoo even if you are not signed up for the premium POP service in Hotmail or Yahoo. Do you know the answer to this? Please leave a comment below and let us all know! I think it's time for me to stop obsessing about email or Gmail.....but I really wish the Mail Fetcher feature works for Hotmail and Yahoo accounts. Hotmail's spam filter is horrendously incapable of filtering out crap, and Gmail's spam filter is horrendously efficient.
Well, if you have Mail Fetcher in your account, here is how you would set it up. (Thanks Rakesh for letting me know all this)

UPDATE (12-12-06): I know now Gmail mail fetcher wont fetch my Hotmail or Yahoo at least as long as I don't pay Hotmail or Y! for the premium POP3 access. :(

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