Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Go dogg! Fetch! Sports statistics search engine

Speaking of dogs today, here is one that wont hump your USB port (see the previous post), but instead get you sports statistics from the web. Everyone knows how I suck when it comes to knowing anything about sports -- but everyone also knows how I kick some serious ass when it comes to finding cool new websites on the web. Ever get into an argument over what Sachin Tendulkar's batting average has been or who won the 100m men's finals at the last Olympics, and when you searched on Google to verify your argument, felt frustrated at Google's over-generous results that included among relevant results, links to Sachin Tendulkar fan websites, or annoying links about the fart olympics. Well, worry no more, ask Statdogg and let it fetch the cleanest results from all the top sports statistics websites. I have to warn you, this website will suck away at your time.

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