Thursday, October 11, 2007

Online Storage: More options.

Online storage for files is a crowded space. We've seen several options to send large files, now some of them have added features of having a folder online to save the files you send. I knew Amazon was interested in online distributed storage services, but now it seems they are almost ready to unveil a service soon, called Dynamo. Others like "Wuala, your files online" bring free distributed storage for Internet users. I am not sure I am ready to transfer my entire music folder online yet, but the website seems to offer a good service (no guarantee on how long they will last). I have long wanted an online storage service that enables a drive letter mapped to it (You know, like having a K: drive or a Z: drive show up on My Computer) I found one that does exactly that -- who.hasfiles. It gives you a 100MB free option, after that its $1/GB/month which to me sounds very reasonable, especially in theory since it will replace your USB drive. While I am at it, let me tell you Adobe has launched an online storage service called Adobe SHARE (Lousy name and still in Beta). Okay, so now that I have options, I have to figure out what to upload where, and how to keep track of it.


Anonymous said...


This is Dominik from Caleido, the company behind Wuala. Nice that you've read about Wuala and like the idea. If you don't have an invite yet, just sign up on and I'll invite you immediately. Wuala is integrated into the OS as a network drive. We'll open it up in a couple of months so that you can directly access files from there if you like. I'd be very interested in your feedback once you've tested it.


Sumit Awasthi said...

Thanks for stopping by. I looked at Wuala for online storage. I will certainly like to test it. PLease look for my sign-up.