Thursday, March 13, 2008

Safari, my favorite browser now

I accidentally came across the Safari browser for Windows. My experience with other Apple software I have used in the past, namely iTunes, has been a tad bit frustrating, RAM wise. I was a bit hesitant to download and try the new browser. But then Firefox had become a royal pain in the ass to use (again RAM wise) anyways and I was just looking for a change, something faster, something cleaner, and something that would give me a good viewable area. I looked around the web for reviews on the Windows version of Safari and came across this article. I promptly downloaded the program. Call me a sucker for font smoothing, but when I saw the rendering Safari did for the webpages I was pleased. The browser looks cleaner, gives me more viewing area, and somehow makes reading on the screen much better. I also like how login windows drop down from the top panel, and generally the light blue highlight around text input fields makes me wanna input text...if you know what I mean. Some shortfalls include, no fancy RSS reader (just a simple single page showing the RSS items), no addons a la Firefox, no Sidebar a la Firefox, some websites may not open properly (very rare) and damn, no Google Toolbar available for Safari. But, I like doing more on the web (if you can believe it) via the Safari browser. 
(I dont have an HD TV, but apparently you can browse the web with Safari HD, Apple TV, and nice big HD TV. )

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