Monday, October 27, 2008

Fastest Browser: TheWorld is Quite Enough

A hardly known browser TheWorld has impressed me. Frustrated with the sluggish memory hogging Firefox, I tried quite a few browsers out there. I talked about Safari for Windows before and thought it was quite fast. And now we have Google's Chrome which I think is fast too. But quite a few months ago, I chanced upon TheWorld browser, which I continue to use despite all the other mainstream browsers. This Chinese browser uses the IE engine, is extremely small in size, offers tabbed browsing and a no extra frills browsing experience, really really fast. One big advantage for me is when I use it at work, all the Intranet websites that only IE compliant dont have a problem showing up in TheWorld browser. Now the only warning is, it is based on IE 6.0 so some websites (rarely) don't show up properly, but if you want a fast browsing experience (yes, sometimes faster than Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE), without a large install file (there is a no-install version too) try it out. Did I mention, it opens on my machine within a second.

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msgnet said...

Does it support the IE plugin?