Thursday, February 22, 2007

Save paper, stop printing junk! Click2Zap Bookmarklet 1.1

Have you ever pulled up driving directions on Mapquest, then wanted to print it, only to find you end up with three pages because it prints out the three maps (which you didn't care about in the first place) and then prints out the adverts for low mortgage rate (or any other irrelevant-to-you ad). This not only wastes your toner/ink, it also wastes paper. So why not be able to get rid of all that junk and print only the relevant material -- enter click2zap. It's a bookmarklet for your browser that lets you remove elements from the webpage you are on, so you have a clean webpage remaining in the browser window waiting to be printed. I know, some would argue, selecting text and printing only the selection can work too, but what if you want to select several portions and print those out -- click2zap makes that easy. Try it out for yourself. » Blog Archive » Click2Zap Bookmarklet 1.1

Another alternative for removing elements in Firefox is an extension called "Nuke Anything" which adds a "Remove this Object" to the right-click context.

Whatever you end up using, I'd like to remind you to recycle materials, both paper and toner/ink cartridges!


Zeya said...

I had used it sometime back and liked it very much. Then the use stopped after switching compu and reduced amount of printing. I must really be primitive, I have started to dislike media loaded pages, I like fast pages with to the point text.

Palanivel Raja said...
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