Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gmail: Highlighting Text

One of the features of Gmail I really wish was there in Outlook is the text highlighting feature. There are so many colors available it gets me all highlighting-happy! In my experience, the quickest way to direct your recipient's attention to a particular piece of text is by highlighting it - but the reason I stress on multiple colors is because sometimes I will highlight something in yellow, and comment about the yellowed text, and then highlight using orange, and write a different comment on the oranged-out text. All in all, its very easy. Now in Outlook, it is not easy to highlight. You can do it only if you select the option of using Microsoft Word as the email editor. Yes, there is an option to do, but its clunky...sometimes, MS Word takes too much time to load up in my compose window.
Okay, I should go to bed now.

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