Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gmail - finally with IMAP

Not all my readers are going to understand this, but most who care about getting access to Gmail from devices or email clients or anything else other than the browser, and want their actions (delete, forward etc) to be consistently seen from wherever they access GMail will be pleased to know Gmail is switching on IMAP for all users. I might actually start using Microsoft Outlook again with my Gmail account. Yipee yay! Here is the announcement...
Official Gmail Blog: Sync your inbox across devices with free IMAP
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Zeya said...

I would want to hear your opinion if this works with Outlook specially since GMail is based on Labels aka Tags and Outlook is folders based.
This might prove to be my tipping point to make GMail my primary email.

Sumit Awasthi said...

I tried IMAP with Thunderbird. Works like a charm. Basically, tags in Gmail will show up as individual folders. So, if you have tagged an email as "Personal" and "Funny", it will show up in both folders, Funny and Personal.
Try it, it must be the same in Outlook.