Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not sure when to buy your plane tickets?

If you are like me when it comes to travel planning, you are never sure if the price your favorite online travel booking website quoted is the lowest possible you can get, nor do you know if the price is going to drop two days after you buy it. Enter Farecast - it will predict if the flight you want is going to be cheaper or more expensive in the future, giving you a clear indication if you should pull out your credit card and buy it. Check it out. Farecast | Airfare Predictions, Find Cheap Flights, Airline Tickets
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Anonymous said...

There is another great site out there that you might not be aware of called

These guys search thousands of airfares by hand every day to come up with the best possible deals. They cover all of the discount carriers as well as specials listed only on airline websites. Plus you can sign up for a daily newsletter which let's you know about the best fares from your city.

Worth checking out...

Sumit Awasthi said...

Yes, does look like a good place for airfare deals. Thanks!