Sunday, February 17, 2008

Alienware Android Cell Phone, First Pictures

Google or no Google, Android or no Android, 3G or no 3G, I wouldn't be caught dead carrying this evil looking thing around. I cannot imagine walking into a customer meeting with this in my hand, and looking serious about my job. Check out the cheap looking thing here -- Alienware Android Cell Phone, First Pictures. In any case, this one is from Alienware (acquired by Dell), Apple is already big into the cell phone market, and Garmin announced its coming out with a 3G cell phone with built-in GPS. Seems like a big shakeout with traditional cell phone players getting left behind, only to be taken over by brands we didn't associate with mobile phones.


ivahhc said...

this is the one i want. my uncle just got it. i have serious serious phone envy

Sumit Awasthi said...

Personally I like the Apple iPhone interface. It kicks ass. Don't know if the Garmin nuvifone will be as slick.

Anonymous said...

WTF the phone is no0t out to buy, unless your "uncle" works for alienware and smuggled this shit out your full of it. So why don't you just back to the internet and fucking lie about something else