Thursday, March 27, 2008

R2 D2 will wake you up: Clocky

Toin and I have been waking up using the alarm on my BlackBerry. While it does the job, you cannot imagine how painful it gets to maneuver the trackball to hit snooze. But can't try the snooze stunt with this little monster: Clocky. Clocky is kinda cute and freaky at the same time. The alarm clock will wake you up with a beeping alarm, and then after some time to keep you from snoozing, it will jump off the seriously, I am not making this really will jump up, and scurry away into a hiding place. Yes, you guessed will beep and tweet like mad from its hiding place. But I can't buy it, Toin will kill the damn thing once she finds it the first morning. Not sure? Why not check out this pesky gremlin in action at YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Cool gadget. Seen on tv and such.
Too bad it's expensive... For a clock :)

Sumit Awasthi said...

Yes, seems a bit expensive...but if it can get you up and not miss something important...then its worth it. :)